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frequently asked questions to the ski school dorfgastein

You ask, we answer promtly!

General Questions

Where is the ski school office of the Ski School Dorfgastein located?

Our ski school office in Dorfgastein is situated at the base station of the cable car in the red main building - next to the ski ticket counters.

When are participants assigned to groups?

All course participants meet at our meeting points from 9.30 am. At 10.00 am the groups will be assigned based on ability level and age.

Is the ski ticket included in the ski school fees?

Lift passes are not included in our ski school rates. You can buy the lift tickets at our ski school office or separately at the ski ticket counters next to us. You find the detailed prices for day and multi day tickets at www.skigastein.com
Children (born 2012 or younger) receive for a deposit of € 3,- a free Mini Card for the ski resort Dorfgastein-Großartal. For the public practice lift at the base station is for all ages a ski ticket required. Special tickets for the practice lift are available at our ski school office or ski ticket counters.

Do beginners need a ski pass?

Everyone needs a ski pass to use the public practice lift at the base station. To learn the basics beginners can use our company-owned biginner area at the base station with 3 conveyor belts, ski carousel and training grounds free of charge. That’s why beginners don’t have to buy a ski ticket for the first day. After the first day our instructors will advise you which ticket type is the most suitable for you. Special ski tickets for the public practice lift are available at our ski school office or ski ticket counters next to our office.

Is the equipment included in the ski school rates?

You can rent the suitable ski or snowboard equipment online on our website or on site at our rental partner Sport Knauseder in Dorfgastein. The sport shop is situated next to our ski school office at the base station of the cable car in Dorfgastein.

Do you have instructors who teach in foreign languages?

All our ski instructors speak German and English. We also have instructors who speak Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, Russian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Italian and French. For further language wishes please contact us. When booking group instruction, we can not guarantee ski instructors with specific linguistic skills. But of course we try our very best to fulfill your wishes. However, it is possible when booking private lessons.

Are course fees ever reimbursed?

Course fees are only reimbursed in the event of illness or injury. In that case a physician’s attestation is required.

How many people are there in a group?

Because groups are assigned based on ability and age, we don’t know exactly in advance how many people will be in a single group. The minimum number for a group course is 3 participants. The maximum number varies between 7 in our snowboard & adults classes and 7 to 9 in our children's ski school.

Do you offer half-day courses?

Naturally we offer for all ages and ability levels half-day courses. For beginners and slightly advanced we would advise to book a group course for the entire day.

How many people are necessary to assign a group?

Group lessons are held with a minimum number of 3 perticipants of the same ability level. If a group has less than 3 participants, the ski school reserves the right to merge 2 groups or to shorten the course hours.

Do we have to book the 6/4 day course, or is it possible to join a shorter course?

The group programs are designed for weeklong participation with ski race, ski safari and other highlights like freeride & freestyle day at the end of the week. It makes sense to take part in all the activities for 6, 5 or at least 4 days! But of course you can also book fewer days.

Is it realistic for both parents and children to take part in a ski or snowboard course?

Yes of course! The adult classes purposely begin 15 minutes later than the kids’ classes, so that parents can drop off their children before going to their own classes. Parents can bring their children from 9.30 am to the assembly point. The group division for adults start at 9.45 am. The children will enjoy supervision by our ski instructors until picked up by their parents again.

How do you assign groups?

Most of our guests have been in the Ski School Dorfgastein Holleis before and we can assign them directly in the right group. First-timers are evaluated (asked) and then assigned into groups according to ability level, age and language. There is no problem to change the group should your level not be suitable.

Can i rent the equipment through the ski school or do you have a partner?

Our partner for winter sport equipment and ski/snowboard rental is the Sport Shop Knauseder. The shop is situated in immediate vicinity of our ski school office. For detailed informations visit Sport Knauseder

What is the correct length for my skis?

Please contact our rental partner Sport Knauseder on site or per mail concerning the right ski and snowboard equipment for your ski holiday in Gastein.

If i don’t like the course i started, can i switch to another? (for example from a snowboard to a ski course)

Normally this is not a problem! Please inform our team at the ski school office at least one day in advance, so that we can rebook the course.

Is it possible to start a course during the week?

Generally groups are assigned on Sundays, Mondays and Wednesdays. Intermediate skiers & boarders can enter our group courses till Thursday on every day of the week. For beginners the entry on other days can be arranged on request.

Is it possible to reserve a group course with a specific instructor?

Normally this is not a problem, but please inform us as soon as possible by phone, mail or during your online booking. But please notice that for group courses we can not guarantee that your desired instructor is available. But we try our very best.

Do i have to make a reservation in advance for group courses?

Generally we have enough space in our group courses. Especially in the main holidays (Christmas, February, Easter) we recommend an early online booking of your group or private lessons. A booking in advance on our website also enables a binding reservation and speeds up the registration process at the ski school office.

Do I have to attend my course on consecutive days?

Classes should be taken consecutively, because your group will learn every day new things. Should you skip days you might have to change the class. Please consult your ski instructor.

Is it possible to book just a single day in a course?

Yes, it is possible to book only one day in a group, though we always recommend three days. The course program is developed for a week. We highly recommend that beginners take a minimum of a 3-4 day course. This time is needed to learn the basic skills for the blue slopes on the mountain.


Where is the Gasti Snowpark in Dorfgastein located?

Our company-owned kids park is situated at the base station of the cable car next to our ski kindergarten and ski school office.

Is my child a biginner or still advanced?

Everyone who has never been on skis before, or who hasn’t yet mastered the basics of turning in the snow plough position, is classified as a beginner.

From what age is a lift pass required?

Children (born 2012 or younger) receive for a deposit of € 3,- a free Mini Card for the ski resort Dorfgastein-Großartal. For the public practice lift at the base station is for all ages a ski ticket required. Special tickets for the practice lift are available at our ski school office or ski ticket counters. For children older than 6 years (born 2002 till 2011) is a lift ticket for the whole ski resort Dorfgastein-Großarltal required. Fo further informations about the age groups and ski ticket prices please visit the website of the ski resort.

Is it possible to book a test day for my children?

For all group lessons in our children's ski school you can book at first a sampler day to try it out. In case of an extension we only charge the remaining amount on a multi day course.

Do you offer half-day courses for children?

It is possible to book for children only a half-day course. For beginners we would recommend to join a group course for the entire day. But please notice, if there is a clear difference in ability compared to the rest of the group, the child may be asked to join a lower group.

Can our children stay together in the same group?

Children are primarily assigned to groups at our ski school based on ability, age and language. If your children or their friends have roughly the same skiing ability, please let us know before the group assignment and we’ll do our best to keep them together. Should one child ski much better than the rest, then this child must switch to the weaker class and care for the other(s) during the lessons.

Are the course rates refunded if the children do not like it?

Generally refunds are only possible by illness or injury (with doctor’s note). But we do have a wide variety of offers (test day, extension, try out lesson, ect.), which reduce the “risks” for you. Should something go wrong after all, you can always reschedule or change the course within the offers of the Ski School Dorfgastein.

What is the minimum age for children to attend a ski course?

From 3-years-of-age. For three-year-olds we offer all-day or half-day courses in our Mini-Club with or without the choice of midday care incl. lunch and beverages. For kids and teens older than 4 years we also offer all-day or half-day courses with/without midday care. For children we recommend a minimum age of 8 years to join our group lessons in the snowboard school. But on demand also younger children are welcome to try a test day with a private snowboard teacher.

Does my child need a helmet?

In Austria children till the age of 14 are bounded by law to wear a ski helmet while skiing/boarding at the slopes. You can rent the newest models of ski helmets in our ski school office free of charge.

When does the children's ski race take place?

Each Thursday. In high season periods, depending on arrival and departure of our guests, the ski races can also take place on Fridays.

When does the award ceremony for the children's ski race take place?

At 3.15 pm on the day of the ski race on our show-stage at the children's assembly point.

Is lunch included?

No, lunch is not included in the ski school fees. The charge for our all-day program incl. lunch and beverages from 10.00 am till 3.30 pm costs € 11,- per day. Also for half-day courses it is possible to book midday care with lunch and beverages from 12.00 noon till 1.00 pm for a charge of € 11,- per day.

Is it possible to book the midday care just for single days?

Yes, due to organizational reasons we kindly ask you to purchase the lunch and beverages one day in advance (or at the very latest in the morning before classes begin) at our ski school office.

Where is lunch offered?

Depending on ability level and age of the children lunch will be served in our ski kindergarten at the base station, dining room at the half way station or various restaurants on the mountain.

Can I watch the children's skiing lessons?

Parents can watch the skiing lessons, but the lessons should not be disturbed. Often it is better for the children, if the parents are not in the immediate vicinity of the practice area.

What’s the difference between a test day and a regular course?

The difference is that our test day costs less than the regular course. With our unique test day your child has the opportunity to try it out. If everything works and your kid chooses to keep on going, you just have to pay the difference on a multi day course.

Adults & Private Instruction

Am I a biginner or still experienced skier?

Everyone who has never been on skis before, or who hasn’t yet mastered the basics of turning in the snow plough position, is classified as a beginner.

When do adult courses begin?

The courses for beginners (never been on skis before) start on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or on request. Experienced and advanced may join group courses till Thursday on every day.

How soon do we need to book a private instructor?

As soon as possible, but at least one day in advance. Should you, for some reason, not have booked your private instructor earlier, you are always welcome to ask if someone else is available. You can make your private booking personally at our ski school office, by phone or mail and online on our website.