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Guided ski touring in Gastein and alternative winter offerings

Enjoy nature in Gasteinertal

The wide Gasteinertal with its breath-takingly beautiful nature has many winter alternatives in store beyond traditional skiing and snowboarding. Guided ski touring in Gastein, for example, leads you to Gasteinertal’s most beautiful deep snow and firm snow slopes. Assisted by experienced guides constantly attuning routes for beginners and pros to the current weather and avalanche conditions, guided ski touring in Gastein is highly enjoyable.


Quiet winter joys

There’s much more to explore in Gastein beyond guided ski touring. Peaceful pristine nature and glistening winter scenery are best enjoyed while snowshoeing. Equipped with snowshoes, you even reach fairly remote spots without too much effort. We’ll gladly help you as well, if you’re interested in cross-country skiing. Classic style or skating, we introduce you to unique ski run fun.


Special offers around the slopes

Freeriding sees soaring popularity. Conquer the best freeride runs and variant pistes in no time with our ski and mountain guides. We recommend attending avalanche camps to learn everything you need to know about safety on the mountain. Are you looking for effective ski race training? Our ski trainers get you ready for the next ski race in no time.


Take a look at our current week programme for a first glimpse of our latest “enjoy nature” offering – we are looking forward to your enquiry.

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