Covid-19 Update of the Ski School DorfGastein Holleis

Questions & answers about the corona virus in Gastein

Health and safety have the highest priority for our ski school in Dorfgastein. This applies to our employees as well as to our guests. If you have any questions about our ski school courses or the current coronavirus situation in Gastein, please contact our team by phone or e-mail.

If an arrival or stay in Dorfgastein is not possible due to restrictions caused by the corona virus, then a free cancellation is of course possible at short notice.

Any deposit already paid will of course be refunded or credited towards a future ski course in Dorfgastein. This way, you will not incur any further costs if Covid-19 developments lead to measures that could prevent your skiing vacation in Gastein. This allows you to book your planned vacation completely without risk.

-5% online discount

Covid-19 Safety Measures 2022/23

In order to protect the safety of our valued guests and employees as much as possible and at the same time allow all ski courses and offers to take place, some accompanying measures will become necessary for the coming winter.

We can assure you that we will comply with all measures required by the authorities and, in addition, we are in continuous coordination with our local partners (lift company, restaurants, sports shops, etc.). The security measures are constantly updated and adapted to the respective situation. For the safety of all of us, Covid safety officers are permanently present at the Ski School Dorfgastein Holleis.

With a responsible and considerate cooperation, we look forward to the winter season 2022/23. We are happy to list all the details about our Covid-19 prevention concept for you below. Last updated 01.12.2022

All our ski school offers (private & group lessons, lift tickets, rental) are bookable online. You can book your desired course in advance comfortable from home via our online store, saving you the trip to our ski school office. Print your online ticket or come directly with your e-ticket to the respective meeting points at the indicated times. Upon request, course tickets, ski helmets and safety vests can be prepared at the VIP desk in our office, which also significantly reduces waiting times and contacts.

We strongly recommend that our guests take advantage of this opportunity, as we cannot guarantee that there will be any free places on site due to the limited number of course places.

As in the past, we offer our customers generous cancellation conditions:

All courses booked online can be cancelled free of charge and without giving reasons up to 24 h before the start of the course. This means that you can book your desired course in advance without hesitation and cancel it at any time at short notice should you have health concerns despite all precautionary measures. Of course, free cancellation due to unexpected Covid-19 travel restrictions is always possible by arrangement.

We also recommend that you take out trip cancellation insurance with Europäische Reiseversicherung so that you can be reimbursed in the event of cancellation. This conclusion is also possible afterwards (at least 11 days before arrival). For only 5% of the booking price, not only cancellation costs and trip interruption are covered, but also delayed arrival, e.g. due to car breakdown, involuntary vacation extension as well as search and rescue costs (incl. helicopter rescue).

New from this winter season we also offer you the possibility of a SELF CKECK-IN. You can send us your personal data, as well as all other information we need for your ski course booking, already from home, from the hotel or directly in front of the ski school office in just a few steps. The finalization of your booking will then take place in our ski school office. So you save valuable minutes and can start your vacation even faster.

When picking up tickets for courses already booked and when registering on site at our ski school office, we recommend wearing an FFP2 mask. Furthermore, we recommend that only one person from the family comes to the office at one time. This allows larger crowds to be avoided.

On Saturdays there is also the possibility to pick up the course tickets at our outdoor ticket counter between 2.00 and 5.00 pm. This is set up directly in front of our ski school office at the valley station of the gondola lift. The lift ticket offices are right next door.

All of our employees are fully vaccinated or regularly tested for Covid-19. In addition, each employee must present a negative PCR test before starting work. Daily fever tests are performed on all employees who have contact with our guests.

For our employees, we give everything in terms of safety. In addition to regular briefings and correct rules of conduct, we ensure good accommodation and working conditions and carry out carry out systematic tests whenever there is the slightest suspicion of illness. In addition, our employees are trained and instructed on Corona safety measures according to uniform guidelines and regulations.

Since the majority of our activities take place outdoors, it can be assumed that the risk of infection is lower than when we stay indoors. It is our main goal to minimize and protect contact points where possible. Nevertheless, we must appeal to the personal responsibility of our employees and guests and cannot give any guarantee.

We will try to maintain the minimum protective distance everywhere as best we can and minimize all personal contact points. In certain areas, it will be difficult to maintain the minimum distance. However, the risk of infection can be significantly minimized by using an FFP2 mask. In addition, much of our guest contact occurs outdoors rather than indoors. We generally ask you to be considerate and appeal to personal responsibility.

Our employees are all equipped with FFP2 masks and these are worn as a matter of course, depending on the applicable regulations. In all indoor areas of the Ski School Dorfgastein we ask our guests to wear a FFP2 mask or a mouth-nose protection, regardless of the legal requirements. Likewise, we expect mandatory hand disinfection upon entering and leaving our public rooms. This applies in particular to the following areas: ski school office, ski kindergarten at the bottom station and dining rooms at the middle station.

To protect our guests and employees, we will take appropriate precautions in our ski school office and also continue to expand contactless payment processing. Already now all services (private & group lessons, ski rental, lift tickets) around your ski vacation in Dorfgastein can be booked online on our website.

Our office staff wears FFP2 mask in the ski school office. We also ask our guests to wear a FFP2 mask. Of course, all point of sales will be equipped with glass protection. In the entrance area of our ski school office, guests are informed about the current Covid-19 rules by means of loudspeaker announcements.

If you have symptoms of Covid-19, do not enter our ski school office. You can reach us at any time by phone on our SKI SCHOOL HOTLINE +43 6433 7538.

Our already tested classification system is a further step towards safety, since a “demo” or “trial” run is no longer necessary on the first day and long standing and waiting times on the practice slope are avoided. To minimize personal contact, we recommend to book the courses in advance through our online store, so you avoid waiting times and queues in and in front of our ski school office.

You can determine your children’s skiing ability with the help of our classification videos by clicking on the icon with the video camera and then watching (preferably together with your children) the videos of the different levels. Choose the course that suits you or the respective child, then you can book it conveniently. Our meeting points are clearly marked and separated by generous distances.

In order to avoid large crowds, we will expand the space of our assembly areas. In addition our course schedules will be planned as far as possible in advance to avoid large group gatherings.

In our private courses, the start of the course is already staggered. Such staggered start times will be extended to our group courses to reduce the number of people at the meeting point. So we can flexibly adapt the starting times of each ability level to the respective situation and announce them in a timely manner.

To simplify compliance with the minimum distance, the group size is kept as small as possible. In addition, we will change the group composition made at the beginning only in exceptional cases. We will try to be as flexible as possible, especially during the strong vacation weeks, so that all our guests can participate in the ski courses. Nevertheless, we would once again strongly advise you to book online in advance.

In our Gasti snow park children are taught from toddler age. In some cases the minimum distance is not always possible. Therefore, our ski instructors are equipped with an FFP2 mask in order to be able to apply a protective measure as quickly as possible. In addition, we have enough space in our ski school-owned children’s practice area to maintain the necessary distance between our ski school children and ski instructors. Our kids park is located directly at the valley station of the gondola lift and can be easily reached on foot from the surrounding parking areas without the need for buses, gondola lifts or chairlifts.

In our ski school’s own ski kindergarten at the valley station and our VIP dining rooms at the middle station, we have enough space to maintain the necessary safety distance at lunch. Especially in the high season, we would recommend you to book the lunchtime supervision early via our online store, as we only have limited capacities available in our facilities. During lunchtime supervision, our employees will wear an FFP2 mask. Parents should visit the children only after consultation (in urgent cases) with the respective ski instructor.

Of course, we will also conscientiously apply the respective valid regulations in the ski huts and restaurants.

Our guest ski races will continue to be held every Thursday without restriction. The start intervals are optimized to avoid gatherings of peple in the start and finish areas. All award ceremonies will be held outdoors within the group.

When using cable cars, the rules of the lift companies apply.

If a ski school child or ski school participant shows symptoms of illness from Covid-19, then the lessons may not be attended. We ask for your understanding on this point, this is the only way we can all protect each other.

When symptoms appear in children, they are immediately isolated from the rest of the group. Parents shall ensure their availability at all times and pick up their child as soon as possible.

Current information from the ski resort Gastein