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How does Snowmaking work?


How does snowmaking equipment work?

As soon as the winter season draws near, we have our eyes glued to the weather forecast. When will the first snow fall? Will it be cold enough or will it melt straightaway? Are the conditions right for artificial snowmaking? Quite frequently, getting all the slopes and parks ready in time can become a race against time. But how does snowmaking equipment actually work? We are happy to show you using our Gasti-Snowpark as an example.


The right ingredients for artificialtechnical snowmaking

Artificial snow wants to – and should – imitate natural snow. The equipment sprays very fine water droplets into the cold winter air. Some of them evaporate drawing heat from the surrounding air. This allows the other drops to freeze, turn into small ice crystals that fall to the ground – artificial snow is formed. Actually, it only takes water and air. Artificial snow has absolutely nothing to do with chemicals or unnecessary environmental pollution. As technical equipment is used for its production, the term “technical snow” has now often used to eliminate potential misunderstandings.

In order to make technical snow, water is finely nebulised in the nozzles of snow canons and snow lances before being shot out of them. For the process of heat extraction mentioned above to work efficiently, the air temperature shouldn’t be higher than -4 °C, while the water temperature shouldn’t top +2 °C. At the same time, the humidity must be below 80%. In other words: The dryer the air is, and the cooler the water and air are, the better the production of technical snow works.


Technical snowmaking in our children’s area in Dorfgastein

The Ski School Dorfgastein Holleis invested in their own snowmaking equipment four years ago to ensure a punctual start of the season. Thanks to modern snow lances of the Swiss company Bächler we can start making snow in the children’s area as early as November. The energy-efficient snow lance system is among the quietest snow cannons in the world. The new jet technology uses substantially less compressed air, manages high water temperatures without difficulty, and can start making snow at 2 °C higher than most snow cannons. This produces enough technical snow for the entire Gasti-Snowpark in only six days – ideal if things happen to be difficult.

It’s not only kids that feel right at home at the Ski School Holleis in Dorfgastein in the right slope and snow conditions. Have we whet your winter sport appetite? Book your skiing lessons at and get the all-inclusive package for slope fun in the ski region of Dorfgastein-Grossarltal!

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