Covid-19 Update of the skischule dorfgastein holleis

Important news about the current coronavirus situation in Gastein

The Skischule Dorfgastein Holleis will do everything possible in the coming season to guarantee the highest possible level of safety for our guests and staff. If you have any questions concerning our ski school offers or the current corona safety measures in Gastein pleaese don't hesitate to contact our team by phone or e-mail.

We want you to feel completely confident as you make your ski vacation plans in Dorfgastein. For this reason our ski school in Dorfgastein will offer a very special service focused on winter 2022/23. If your journey or stay in Gastein is not possible due to unexpected coronavirus restrictions, we offer a last minute cancellation free of charge. Any deposits you have already made will be refunded or credited towards a future private or group course in the form of a voucher.

This carefree booking option is valid for the whole winter season 2022/23. This means that you will not encounter any additional costs in the eventuality that Covid-19 developments lead to further restrictions that might prevent your ski vacation in Gastein.

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Covid-19 safety measures 2022/23

This year, in addition to the usual activities, we are paying special attention to the development of a corona prevention concept. This concept, which is specially adapted to our ski school, will meet the minimum requirements of the authorities in every single aspect and in some areas even exceed them, because we want to protect our guests and employees from infection in the best possible way.

Due to the constantly changing situation and the resulting permanent changes in official measures, we must and will also adapt our Covid-19 safety precautions to the respective situation. We are doing our best to meet all the prescribed, official requirements and continue with all local partners (lift company, restaurants, sport shops, etc.) our ongoing collaboration. For the safety of all of us, Covid Safety-Monitors staff-members are permanently present on the site of the Skischule Dorfgastein Holleis.

With considerate and responsible cooperation, we look forward to the winter season 2022/23. Below we have summarised all details about our Covid-19 safety cencept. Last update on 01.10.2022


Online booking

All of our courses and services (private & group lessons, lift tickets, ski rental) can be booked online in advance. In order to minimise social contacts, we would advise to book your desired group or private lessons comfortably from home via our online shop, so you can avoid waiting times and large group gatherings at our ski school office. On the other hand all required data for a possible contact tracing (of course, taking into account the GDPR) are available. Print your online ticket at home and come directly to our meeting point. On demand we will prepare your course tickets, ski helmets and safety vests at our VIP counter to reduce waiting times.

We expressly recommend using this option, as we can not guarantee that there will still be availability on site due to reduced capacity.

Free 24 h cancellation

As in the past, we offer our customers generous cancellation conditions:
All courses booked online can be cancelled without a cancellation fee up to 24 hours before the course starts without giving a reason. So you can book your desired course in advance without hesitation and cancel it on short notice if you have any health concerns. A free cancellation due to unexpected Covid-19 regulations is on arrangement at any time possible.

We recommend to take advantage of an additional cancellation insurance through Europäische Reiseversicherung. The fee is only 5% of the booking amount and includes a free cancellation up to 24 hours before the start of the course.

Self check-in

For this winter season we are also offering you the option of a SELF CHECK-IN. You can send us your personal data and all other necessary information that we need for your course or privat booking from home, from the hotel or directly in front of the ski school office in just a few steps. Your booking will then be finalised quickly at the ski school office. With our new check-in tool you save valuable minutes and can start your vacation even faster. 

>> Click here for your  mobile self check-in

Ticket collection

When collecting the course tickets that have already be booked online or for buying a ticket on site, it is essential to wear a FFP2 mask at our ski school office. To avoid social contacts we recommend for families that only one person enters our office.

On Saturdays there is also the possibility to collect the tickets between 2.00 and 5.00 pm at our outdoor ticket counter at the base station of the cable car. This is set up directly in front of our ski school office next to the ski ticket counters.

Vaccinated and tested employees

All our employees are fully vaccinated or regularly tested for Covid-19. In addition every employee must show a negative PCR test before starting to work. Naturally we perform a daily temperature measurement of all snow sport instructors and staff, who have contact with our guests.

Training & safety of our staff

We will do everything possible to prevent our staff from illness. All employees of our ski school in Dorfgastein are trained and instructed in corona safety measures according to uniform guidelines and regulations. We ensure good accommodation and work conditions and carry out systematic tests whenever there is the slightest suspicion of illness.

Outdoor sport

As most of our activities take place outdoors, we can assume that the risk of infection is lower than when staying in a closed area. Nevertheless, we have to take responsibility for both our employees and guests and can not give any guarantees.


We make sure that the appropriate distance of 2 meters is always observed and minimise all personal contacts. In situations in which this is not possible we recommend to wear a FFP2 mask. By using a mask, it can significantly reduce the risk of infection. Additionally, a large part of our guest contacts take place outdoors and not in confined spaces or closed rooms. We kindly ask you to show respect to others and take personal responsibility.

Mouth-nose protection & hand disinfection

Our employees are all equipped with a FFP2 mask and this is of course worn depending on the applicable regulation.

In all indoor areas of the Skischule Dorfgastein we kindly ask our guests to wear a FFP2 mask or mouth-noes protection. We also expect obligatory hand disinfection when entering and leaving our indoor areas. This is in particular necessary for our ski school office, ski kindergarten at the valley station and dining rooms at the half-way station.

Customer contact with our office staff

To protect our guests and employees our sales office will take appropriate precautions and use contactless payments. All of our services (private & group lessons, lift tickets, ski rental) can already easily be booked online on our website.

Our staff at the ski school office will wear a FFP2 mask. We also ask our guests to wear a FFP2 mask when entering our office. All our reception desks are equipped with glass protection panels. In the entrance area of our ski school office, guests will be informed about the current Covid-19 regulations via loudspeaker announcements.

Please don't enter our ski school office, if you show any symptoms of Covid-19. You can reach our office team at any time by phone:  +43 6433 7538

Classification without a domo run

Our proven classification system is a further step in the direction of safety, since a “demo” or “trial” run is no longer necessary on the first day and long standing and waiting times on the practice slope are avoided. We would recommend to book all courses via our online shop in order to minimise personal contacts and to avoid queues in and in front of our ski school office. 

You can determine your children’s skiing ability with the help of our classification videos by clicking on the symbol with the question mark and then (preferably together with your children) watching the videos of the various levels. Choose the right course for you or the respective child, then you can easily book it online. Our meeting points are clearly marked and separated from each other by generous distances.

Seperation of meeting points

Our meeting places will be chosen to be as spacious as possible. In addition our course schedules will be planned as far as possible in advance to avoid large group gatherings.

Staggered course start

For our private lessons the start of the course is already staggered. This staggering of the start times will also be implemented for our group lessons to reduce the number of people at the meeting point. So we can flexibly adapt the starting times of each ability level to the respective situation and announce them in a timely manner.

Reduced group size

To make it easier to enable a minumum distance of 2 meters, the group size is kept as small as possible. Also the group composition made at the beginning should not be changed during the week. We will try to be as flexible as possible especially during busy holiday weeks, so that all guests can participate in our group courses. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you to make an early online booking.

Kids Park

In our Gasti-Snowpark children are taught from infancy - here in some cases the minimum distance of 2 meters is not always possible. For this reason our snow sports instructors will wear a FFP2 mask suitable to be able to apply a protective measure as quickly as possible. Furthermore we have in our kids park enough space available to provide the required distance between our ski school children and ski instructors. Our company-owned kids park is centrally located at the base station of the cable car and can be easily reached by foot from the surrounding car parks, without the need for shuttle buses, gondolas or chair-lifts.

Midday care

In our company-owned ski kindergarten at the valley station and in our VIP dining rooms at the half-way station we have enough space available to ensure the necessary safety distance during the lunch break. Due to limited capacity in the high season we would recommend to book lunch and midday care early in advance via our online shop. During the lunch break our ski teachers will wear a FFP2 mask. The entrance to our dining areas is only allowed for ski school kids and our teachers. Parents should only visit their children in consultation (urgant cases) with the teacher.

Of course we will also observe the valid regulations and safety instructions in the restaurants and ski huts.

Ski race & price giving ceremony

Our guest ski races will take place every Thursday without any restrictions. The starting intervals will be optimised to avoid queues and large group gatherings at the start and finish area. All award ceremonies will take place outdoors for each respective group.

Children's entertainment

Our popular animation programme for kids will take place only outdoors. But we will give our very best to enternain your children as much as possible during individual breaks.

Cable cars & ski lifts

All cable cars are public forms of transport and are subject to the regulations of the lift companies. Our instructors and course participants will wear a FFP2 mask or mouth-nose protection on all closed lifts (gondolas, chairlifts with bubble).

Guests with symptoms of illness

We ask for your understandig that guests with symptoms of illness can not participate in our ski school offers. Only with personal responsibility we can protect each other.

Isolation upon occurrence of symptoms

If symptoms occur in children participating in our ski courses, they will immediately be separated from the rest of the group. Parents must ensure that they can be contacted at all times, so that they can pick up their child as quickly as possible.


Our ski school office and other related rooms, such as warming room, ski kindergarten and dining rooms, as well as teaching aids and training tools, toys etc. will be disinfected several times a day, depending upon usage.

Further information about the ski area Gastein

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