Freeride in Gastein

Freeriding in Gastein for beginners & pros

We offer in our Alpine Center special programmes either for off-piste beginners to freeride experts to make the most out of your holidays. The ski resorts of Gastein offer a wide variety of freeride runs, off-piste routes and tours through the vergin backcountry! Take the advantage of a local guide who knows the ski region like the back of his hand and explore Gastein on it's most beautiful side!


Awesome freeriding options in Dorfgastein

Freeride in Gastein for newcomers

Book professional deep snow lessons in the Alpine Center of the Skischule Dorfgastein Holleis. Our freeride and mountain guides will teach you the correct technique in small groups beyond the groomed ski runs.

There are many great opportunities in the entire Gastein Valley to practice the first turns away from crowded slopes and some ski slopes offer several varieties of steepness and snow conditions for your freeride practice.

Freeride lessons for experts

You want to escape from crowded slopes and enjoy wonderful deep snow and off-piste runs in Gastein? In our freeride workshops under professional guidance you'll learn to handle the right technique and safety strategies in the alpine terrain.

Our experienced freeride and mountain guides will show you the most exciting powder runs and off-piste variations from Dorfgastein to Sportgastein. If there is any good snow, we know where!

Safety first!

For your freeride tours through the alpine terrain we offer you the newest safety equipment free of charge:

  • Backpack
  • Avalanche transmitter
  • Avalanche shovel
  • Avalanche probe
  • First aid kid

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Freeride Gastein


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