Children's Ski Race in Dorfgastein

Skiing like the pros

Fortunately fun is the most important thing and all future ski champions venturing the downhill runs are cheered by their family and enthusiastic fans. In our children's ski school in Dorfgastein all competitors are winners! Every participant of the children's ski race receives at the spectacular price giving ceremony on our show stage a medal and certificate! Learn more about the ski races and ski courses - enquire now!

All infos about our children's ski race

Skiing like the stars on TV

Starting numbers, digital timing, many enthusiastic fans and a touch of adrenalin in the air: ski races for children at the Ski School Dorfgastein are as exciting as ski races on TV. Children like to compete and see their improvements. A ski race is a great way to fulfil this need - and for the parents every flea on skis is a true champion!

Start times & award ceremony

Kids Club & Teens Club

Every Thursday at 10.30 am on the ski race track at the half-way station (t-bar lift)

Mini Club
Every Thursday at 1.30 pm at the Gasti-Snowpark

The award ceremony takes place at 3.30 pm on our show stage next to the ski kindergarten.

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