Lunch care at the skischule dorfgatsein Holleis

Meals for children

Of course you can book lunch care from 12.00 am to 1.00 pm and afternoon childcare from 3.00 to 3.30 pm for your children in addition to the ski course with the Skischule Dorfgastein Holleis. Our instructors supervise your kids during the lunch break in our ski kindergarten at the base station or in our dining and play room at the half-way station of the cable car.  And after the end of the course our ski teachers look after your kids until 3.30 pm till you arrive on the meeting point.

Our youth groups will enjoy a tasty menu in our numerous partner restaurants. Enjoy your meal and drinks and start the afternoon lessons with more power! Learn more about our lunch care offerings and get in touch today!




Lunch care for kids

Sunday: Pippi Longstocking

  • Spaghetti with meat or tomato sauce
  • Dessert: chocolate cake or chocolate muffin
  • Beverages: apple juice or water with fruit syrup

Monday: Gasti-Menu

  • Veal cutlet with riffle french fries
  • Dessert: chocolate bar
  • Beverages: apple juice or water with fruit syrup

Tuesday: Bugs Bunny

  • Chicken nuggets with french fries
  • Dessert: Snickers bar
  • Beverages: apple juice or water with fruit syrup

Wednesday: Micky Mouse

  • Roasted sausages with hash browns
  • Dessert: small chocolate
  • Beverages: apple juice or water with fruit syrup

Thursday: Sponge Bob

  • Chicken fingeres with potato wedges
  • Dessert: Mars bar
  • Beverages: apple juice or water with fruit syrup

Friday: Super Mario

  • Burger with french fries
  • Dessert: Twix bar or pudding with cookies
  • Beverages: apple juice or water with fruit syrup

On our exciting ski safari through the ski resorts of Gastein your kids can choose from five tasty Gasti-Menus in our numerous family restaurants.

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