Children's ski lessons in Dorfgastein: animation

Every day something new

Our children's ski lessons in Dorfgastein are combined with a multifaceted entertainment programme providing plenty of fun and action throughout the week! This ensues for your kids continuous care over the entire day, so that you may enjoy your own day of skiing without concern.

​​​​​​​If you'd like to learn more about the children's ski lessons in Dorfgastein and the animation programme, please get in touch with us.


Animation programme


Child animation

Sunday: Team Building

  • Group division on our meeting point
  • Warming up with cool sound and our funny Gasti
  • On easy slopes we get used to the skis again
  • Basic exercises and repeat riding the ski lift
  • Support of the group dynamics and team spirit

Monday: Adventure Day

  • Warming up and becoming acquainted with plays
  • Exercise series for technical improvement
  • Variation of rhythm and speed on flat and steep slopes
  • Use of modern teaching and training aids
  • Adventure trip through the ski resort Dorfgastein-Grossarltal

Tuesday: Safety Day

  • Special technique programme with snow sails, tubes, ropes, poles, etc.
  • Instruction in right behaviour on and off the slope
  • Ski rules, first aid measures and alpine dangers
  • Race training: slalom and giant slalom with short tipper-poles
  • Basics of freestyle skiing and freeriding

Wednesday: Action Day

  • Exercises for alpine basic position, right skiing position, triggering curves, balance, etc.
  • Giant slalom training on the original race track
  • Slalom training with movement tasks
  • Advanced freestyle and freeride programme

Thursday: Mini Olympics

  • 10.30 am ski race of our advanced groups at the half-way station
  • 1.30 pm ski race in our Gasti-Snowpark at the valley station
  • Ski instruction with individual exercises and technical training
  • Deep snow and mogul field training, freestyle in the fun park
  • 3.30 pm award ceremony on our show stage at the ski kindergarten

Friday: Ski Safari

  • Ski safari through the ski resort Dorfgastein-Grossarltal with lunch break at the Wengeralm and visit of the fun park and fun slope in Großarl
  • For groups 1, 2 and 3: big ski safari through the ski resort Schlossalm-Stubnerkogel (Bad Hofgastein & Bad Gastein) with lunch break at the Schlosshütte
  • Visit of the suspension bridge and viewing platform at the Stubnerkogel
  • New school skiing: jumps, tricks and slides in the Snowpark Gastein

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